The B&B Al Vicolo del Cilento is located in the heart of Felitto’s historical centre, in Cilento and Vallo di Diano’s National Park, right next to the Main Church and its bell tower over 40 meters high, born from the miracle of architectural boldness emerging from the rock of over XXXX years old.  The B&B shares that same marvelous substructure.

The B&B, however, has been painstakingly and completely updated  following the cultural and environmental tradition and the modern and finely refurbished rooms allow the guests to rest comfortably in fresh cool air during the summertime and  warm in the winter.

B&B Al Vicolo del Cilento - Terrazzo panoramico

The B&B offers a unique view of Felitto and the surrounding area.  From the sundeck it is possible to enjoy drinks while taking in a panoramic  view of the entire  Calore River valley.. The building has  a professional kitchen, a common breakfast area and the reception. Rooms are self-contained a and provided with air conditioning, Wi-Fi and television.


B&B Al Vicolo del Cilento - Nuova sala 2

B&B Al Vicolo del Cilento - Particolare nuova sala

Our B&B is the ideal base point for visiting the village characterized by so many roads. Walking through them, you can experience a lot of emotions inspired by the smell of the typical Cilento cusine, the colors of the nature in full bloom and the charm of the historical buildings.

B&B Al Vicolo del Cilento -Secondo Ingresso

B&B Al Vicolo del Cilento - Particolare del centro storico di FelittoB&B Al Vicolo del Cilento - Veduta su chiesa madre di Felitto